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Film Specifications:

• Feature Approx. 110 mins
• Over an Hour of Extras
• 16:9 Widescreen
• Dolby Digital
• Stereo
MA 15+ (Australia)

We don't do this for the girls, the shows or some sort of lifestyle. This is about racing and having fun with motor vehicles no matter what the opposition may be.

Too much authority breeds madness. Such is the case in Alachua County, Florida. Follow a select group of friends, professional racers and stunt bike riders as they pursue their addiction to speed, adrenaline and danger. Vehicular Lunatics shows the truth about these characters and what they live for.

  • Rennsport Reunion II
  • Titan Motorsport’s 8-second Supra
  • Biketoberfest Daytona Beach
  • Porsche GT3 Cup Racing in Daytona
  • 2004 Texas Supra Meet street racing
  • World’s fastest AWD 4-cylinder drag cars
  • Supra meet with appearance by Hulk Hogan
  • LA Premiere of Gumball 3000: The Movie
  • John Hennessey - Dodge Viper Modifier
  • Beater car abuse and destruction
  • And more...
  • Street Racing Hulk Hogan’s Wife
  • AWD Homework
  • Endeavor to Rally
  • Youth Street Racing 101
  • DGTrials Drifting
  • Rednecks
  • And much, much more!

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"An adrenaline injected, seriously real-life glimpse into the minds of some real auto-philes, Vehicular Lunatics is a step above the rest with a story line that keeps you planted throughout the entire film. Simply put, if you're into cars you need to see this flick."

- Peter Tarach, Modified Magazine

"If you're tired of watching the same ol' racing DVD then you've got to check out Vehicular Lunatics by IMV Films. This is one of the finest and most entertaining documentaries about the passions of speed, cars and bikes to ever hit the screen. The stage is set as we follow a select group of friends, professional racers and stunt bike riders from Alachua County, Florida, as they thrive to fill their addiction to speed, adrenaline and danger. Vehicular Lunatics shows the truth about these characters and what they live for."

- Modified Magazine, Oct. 2005

"As Australia's top distributor of import/tuning DVDs, we evaluate plenty of American DVDs. Too many are a boring formula of lifestyle/models/shows/blah, blah, blah. But we do sell the Mischief series so we know that genuine entertaining American DVDs do well in Australia. That's why we jumped at the chance to distribute Vehicular Lunatics. Its blend of Mischief-style lunacy & rebellion with much smarter story ideas plus a wicked sense of humor, makes it a winner in any market. We need more of that attitude!"

- Barry Jacobs, Serious Business TV, Australia

"This is the ultimate automotive outlaw DVD. Crazier than any other car DVD you've ever seen, the Vehicular Lunatics crew serves up their own brand of jaw-dropping insanity laced with the laconic, dry humour that gives this DVD its own unique place in the market. See some incredible street racing and street drifting action, the obligatory rental car wrecking, and experience the encounters of real life street racers. Some of them are cool, some aren´t, some have a sense of humour, some don't, but they're all real, and this is real documentary style footage, minus the endless video-clip inspired montages. This is far and away the best DVD of its type in Australia, and if you're looking for the real street racing entertainment, then this is the one for you."

- Serious Business TV, Australia

"Let me start this off by saying the following: If you do NOT buy this DVD, you are NOT a true car guy. I personally got this DVD thinking it was going to be "more of the same" just like every other underground DVD. But I was honestly so blown away, I had to watch it twice the first night I had it. The content is flat out great, and the editing and lay out is top notch. I liked all the commentary, and the music as well. Honestly this DVD was so good, it makes me want to go down to FL, and shake the hands of it's creator. This is a DVD I could send my Father, mother, sister, or uncle and they would ALL enjoy this film.... it's flat out great. So I will end this message with the start. If you don't buy it, honestly you are not a car guy."

- EA, KCSR.org

"You guys are insane! I LOVE IT! By far the best car film I've seen!"

- Jeff Z., Quesnel BC, Canada.

"F***ing amazing, to say the least. Best car video I've ever bought!"

- Corey M., Kansas City, MO

"Nice narration, a good combination of music, film material and of course nice cars. This isn't just an awesome DVD... It's perfect!"

- Michael K., Berlin, Germany

"Definitely one of the BEST videos about street racing I have ever seen! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me masturbate!!!"

- Mike G., Saratoga Springs, New York

"IMV Films has produced some of the best material I have seen in a long time. They have a true passion for the things they film and it shows in every shot. The video editing, visual effects, and music are all top notch. Vehicular Lunatics was great, and I can't wait to see Moab: Like Nothing Else. Hopefully our paths will cross when I return to the U.S. with my next project vehicle. GREAT WORK, GUYS!"

- Josh R., U.S. Navy, Gaeta, Italy

"This is one of the best DVD's out there. Awesome quality all around... Badass!"

- Anthony T., Anaheim, California

"When it ended, I still wanted more and more. This is one great DVD. Let the Lunacy Continue!"

- Ryan K., Lubbock, Texas

"I bought the movie expecting another cheesy street racing "Import lifestyle" theme. This movie definitely delivers something else. These guys are crazy and can definitely drive. Vehicular Lunatics is a great movie about being crazy on four wheels, two wheels - anything that drives. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes racing or just pure insanity."

- Jason C., Trenton, New Jersey

"I`m glad I own this dvd as it’s one of the rare good ones. Big ups to IMV Films, well played."

- Lilo K., Chicago, Illinois

"From Alachua to Africa this insane film is a must own for any auto enthusiast."

- Ricky A., Coral Springs, Florida

"I've purchased a few DVD's that various people made and yours blows them away. I'm a big fan of the Mischief series and I'd have to say that this film rivals those. Keep up the good work!"

- Shawn S., Lacey, Washington

"A very good documentary. Well filmed and very well made."

- Stephane B. (Clash Production), Metz, France

"One of the best car films I have ever seen... All of the footage was quality."

- Dan O., Boca Raton, Florida

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