The Vice Of Bad Folks

24 Minutes of good, wholesome Lunacy; it's just the way the Lunatics roll.

Street Racing, Bike Stunting, Drifting, Gambling, Shooting, Burning & Running from the "PO-lice".

You may recognize some of the old school characters and see a few new ones in action. Travis and the crew from out of Jacksonville, FL did most of the SR20 / RB25 Nissan drifting. World Street Nationals had its own brand of comedy (as you will see). Ryan and the crew at came through with a full day of hellacious stunt riding. And of course Jimmy brought out his new 03 Cobra, 06 GT and the old 93 Coupe. Keep an eye out for Sound FX master Leo & his black Cobra (it's quick).

One of the main themes in this video is "FTC". Evidently, local law enforcement has seen IMV Films' work. Not to mention, many local traffic units have made mention of vehicles with "IMV Films" stickers on them. The truth is: Certain cool local Cops LOVE the shit we do. There are plenty of non-asshole cops out there that preserve the motto, "Protect & Serve" as well as "Uphold the Law with Fairness and Equity." Unfortunately, there's an even bigger contingent of local hard-ass, corrupt pigs that make the good ones look bad. These bad piggies live in denial. They can't bring themselves to admit that they live in awe of the insane actions we do; wishing they could fulfill that inner desire to perform them as well. It's not about safety, it's about CONTROL. Many local state officials, as well as Law Enforcement Officers appreciate riding motorcycles & driving performance vehicles. Some even go the distance to train and practice racing / stunting maneuvers on their own personal time.

Sometimes they do it on a track... but alot of times... on the street itself. The point is: Everyone should learn their limits, and push close to the edge, but be VERY respectful of dangerous or deadly conditions. Refraining from crossing the fine line while at the limit is what makes it all worth it to the Lunatics.

Our local politicians & L.E.O. commanders seem to have different motives, and will do anything hook or crook to bust what comes to them easily: i.e. traffic enforcement. It's a money game to them after all. Our former "Sheriff-turned-Senator" is a prime example of a guy who's hypocrisy and abhorrence of proper legal procedure while conducting authoritarian operations, led to the overall breeding of madness & discontent within the ranks of motoring enthusiasts.

For all of this, we present: The Vice of (what Traffic Cops would call, "Bad Folks").

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