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Film Specifications:

• Feature Approx. 83 Minutes
• 16:9 Widescreen
• Dolby Digital
• Stereo

Fans all over the world have waited over a year for our next DVD to hit the shelves. At long last, it is NOW AVAILABLE! Picking up right where Vehicular Lunatics left off, you will be taken for a hellacious ride with 4 maniacs, Torquenstein and several other insane characters.

This uniquely different short story will give you an uncompromising look at some of the most intense and ridiculous driving we have ever experienced, with the most exotic mix of sports cars on the road today. After all, we truly live for the adrenaline rush of pushing the limit on the street.

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  • Production commentary audio track by Director Sav Charudattan and Producer Rasa Partin
  • Photo compilation sequence
  • Movie trailers for:
    • TEAM TORK and the Scumballers
    • MOAB: Like Nothing Else
    • Vehicular Lunatics

Price: $17.99 + Shipping

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Continental US, USPS First Class ($2.20)
Continental US, USPS Priority Mail ($4.75)
Canada or Mexico, USPS Air Mail ($3.00)
Other/International, USPS Air Mail ($5.00)

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