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  Vehicular Lunatics

Follow a select group of friends, professional racers and stunt bike riders as they pursue their addiction to speed, adrenaline and danger. Vehicular Lunatics shows the truth about these characters and what they live for.

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  Team Tork and the Scumballers

Picking up right where Vehicular Lunatics left off, you will be taken for a hellacious ride with 4 maniacs, Torquenstein and several other insane characters.

This uniquely different short story will give you an uncompromising look at some of the most intense and ridiculous driving we have ever experienced, with the most exotic mix of sports cars on the road today. After all, we truly live for the adrenaline rush of pushing the limit on the street.
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  Moab: Like Nothing Else

Adventure into the Wild West with a squad of H1 Hummers as they drive deep into the red rock trails of Moab, Utah. Can these H1's tackle the difficult trails known as Poison Spider and Golden Spike without any major breakdowns? See for yourself and then experience the death defying perils of Lion's Back and Hell's Gate!

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Short Films For Download

  The Vice Of Bad Folks

Street racing, stunt riding, drifting, gambling, shooting, burning and giving traffic cops what they deserve: A "run" for their money. The hardcore Vehicular Lunacy continues in this action-packed documentary!

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  Joe's Twin Turbo Ford "GTTT" Documentary

Exclusive documentary about Joe's Twin Turbo Ford GT. Features the build up, tuning, street racing, track runs, interviews and future plans. Months in the making, this is a must see!

Download (203MB, 21 mins)
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  Joe's Modified Ford GT

We test-drive and street-race a modified (625rwhp) 2005 Ford GT.

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  Vehicular Lunatics Update

Hold on to your stomachs as you witness one of the lunatics losing his last shred of sanity and going WAY over the edge. If anyone does justice to the term "lunatic", it's this guy. Also see a Ford GT test drive, some quality drag racing and some off-road rallying in a Subaru WRX. 35 minutes long.

Download High Quality (388MB)
Download Lower Quality (96MB)

  2005 Nopi NDRA World Finals

Our coverage of the 2005 Nopi NDRA World Finals in Norwalk, Ohio.

Download Video (156MB)
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  John Shepherd Racing Promo Video

Features John Shepherd's 8-second Eagle Talon.

Download Video (21.2MB)

  Let The Kid Drive

Ride along in Leh Keen's Porsche GT3 Cup Car at Rennsport Reunion II. Also includes some drifting footage.

Download Video (33.3MB)
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  Walk Your Talk - Toyota Supra Meet
This short documentary takes you deep inside an Orlando Supra meet. With appearance by Hulk Hogan and family.

Download Video (38MB)
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  350Z TT vs. Evo VIII
One of our old friends brings his twin-turbo 350Z into town and battles it out with our resident Evo VIII.

Download Video (19.6MB)
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  Titan Motorsports Promo Video

Promotional video we produced for Titan Motorsports.

Download Video (49MB)
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